What is your job?

I am antique dealer and a second-hand dealer. I buy, sell and restore all types of ancient furniture & objects: high-end authentic furniture from all eras, of art and ancient construction materials. I am called during full estates to buy full of history objects or estimate goods.

I love my job because there is very important human dimension. I meet a lot of people and different profile. I build relationships why my customers other than the simple fact of the transaction, and this relationship lasts over time. It is rare that my days are alike. I can be in the south of France today and tomorrow in the workshop, giving a second life to a pièce of beautiful pièce of furniture. A certain know- how is essential for to regain its original appearance. What i like most is the discovery of unusual and atypical objects. Obviously, a good knowledge of the materials is necessary. You also need a certain passion for heritage and history. Sometimes documented research is necessary. The antique dealer community is very competitive but it is exciting. Not all show the same enthusiasm for the profession and therefor may lack seriousness. I recommend caution. In recent years, the use of the web has made it possible to get out of the local clientele and reach other horizons. Currently, I travel and work all other Europe. However, you can reach my easily and i make myself available as soon as possible. I can also work on photos for a first approach or for a start estimation.


Why is it interesting to acquire antique furniture?

It is a pleasure purchase. You have to see beyond the primary use of the object or piece of furniture. Often an object of character will give style and light up your interior, which you will hardly find when buying new.

 The website was created in 2014, what does it bring to your profession?

Being present online makes it easier for me to reach new prospecrs and non-local and even international customers, chich often leads to great projects. Today, I use more and more the net and the social networks because the demand is instantaneous and on a larger geographical area. My goal is to respond to individuals as well as professionals in decoration, hotels, but also for movie sets, shops ...

 How do you see the antique trade evolving?

There will be fewer small shops with an old bearded antique dealer and dusty period furniture! For the antique dealers of tomorrow, transactions will be able to start remotely, but beware, everything dies not go paperless. There is nothing better than discovering a beautiful object visually: quality is something you can touch!

 Your Proust madeleine?

What does it mean?A madeleine de Proust is an expression used to describe smells, tastes sounds or any sensations reminding you of your childhood or simply bringing back emotional memories from a long time ago.

When I left with my father to buy old tools. I kept them all.

Where would you like to be away?

Walking with an exceptional view and, I say, without painful call on my phone.

 The object you could not do without?

I answer practicality and with all the vulgarity that this represents: my phone.

 Who are your hereos?

I am not big fan, however i have esteem for great men. As a kid, Captain Cousteau fascinated me.

 What is your favorite work: book, music, painting?

An architecture: That of Notre-Dame cathedral, so many trades participed! And the view of Bourbonne-les-Bains in painting.

 It you were someone else?

The Dalai Lama, for his inner peace and perhaps also for his haircut.

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