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The Traditional Lorrain Furniture - Napoli Antic - Ornamentation and decoration The decorative repertoire


The Traditional Lorrain Furniture - Napoli Antic - Ornamentation and decoration The decorative repertoire


"The Lorraine decorative repertoire is inspired by the fashions of its time (art of the court of Versailles), but above all by everyday life, nature, traditions. This repertoire is quite limited, the themes are traditional symbols, floral decorations, animal figures ...

The richness of this repertoire undoubtedly comes from the various sources of inspiration. The
Lorraine was for a long time the country of ceramics, carpenters have
drew their inspiration from these ornamentations but probably also
in embroidery patterns.

The human figure remains very exceptional on Lorraine furniture. Animal representations are hardly more common, apart from the representations of birds that are
also found in Lorraine earthenware decorations.
On the other hand, plant motifs abound: thistle, ears, leaves,
flowers, grapes, foliage, volutes….

here: volutes, flowers and leaves

The carpenters were also inspired by objects of everyday life. Religious representations: Supposed to attract divine protection, there are many crosses (Maltese cross, cross pattée). They are found on wardrobes, most often made in inlay, marquetry, or painted on the cradles.

here: cornucopia
Regarding the stylized motifs, the most frequently used are rosettes, stars, arabesques, hearts and the cornucopia. They each have a different symbolism. So the five- or six-pointed star is believed to provide protection against evil forces.
The geometric patterns (diamonds, ovals, cubes ...) are numerous. Herringbone friezes and checkered patterns decorate the wardrobes ... The quatrefoil formed by unbroken arches constitutes the most emblematic geometric motif of the Lorraine repertoire. "

here two Lorraine furniture from Napoli Antic
Txt: Dossier enseignant/ L'âge d'or du mobilier Lorrain 

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