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Lorraine furniture linked to the food industry highlighted by Sébastien Napoli


 Lorraine furniture linked to the food industry highlighted by Sébastien Napoli


- The tables
While it has existed for a long time in affluent urban areas, the table
invests rural interiors in the 18th century. Before, we took our meals standing in front of the fireplace or on a block of wood.

- The kneaders, the maies
It is a low case, closed by a top in which we
makes bread dough. Bread has long been the staple food and in Lorraine its production was domestic, except when the house did not have an oven. It was then necessary to bake the bread in the common oven (before the Revolution), then at the baker's. Two shapes can be identified: the semi-cylindrical bowl mixers and those with a trapezoidal shape. These tanks were never fixed to the base to make their cleaning easier.

- Cheese tables These tables, found in the Vosges farms, were used to drain the cheeses: thus several superimposed trays, slightly inclined and pierced with small holes were used for the flow of whey. Often made of fir, they did not enjoy the status of "fine furniture". Txt: Teacher's file / The golden age of Lorrain furniture restoration of Lorraine furniture Contact Sébastien Napoli now

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