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Dating a piece of furniture, your Napoli Antic antique dealer can help you


 Dating a piece of furniture, your Napoli Antic antique dealer can help you

The dating of a piece of furniture
Unlike artists who sign and date their works, craftsmen do not or very rarely. When we have the chance to find an inscription on the back or inside the cabinet, dating is possible. However if we could find dates written on chests, cabinets, that is to say the furniture containing the most precious objects, very few have been discovered on beds or clocks.
We can also sometimes reconstruct the history of a piece of furniture through oral testimony of family tradition. The specialists therefore put in place cross-checking strategies information (manufacturing technique, decoration, etc.). We know, for example, that certain manufacturing techniques were only used at a certain time (eg: trunnion mounting for the 15th, 16th, 17th centuries) but these data just give a vague idea. With the decor, we can group them by typology, so we use the comparative method. We also notice that there is no Lorraine furniture but local furniture. In the 19th century, production increased and was accompanied by local particularities which facilitated geographic determinations. Dendrochronology makes it possible to give a dating by analysis of wood rings. The date given is that of slaughter and not that of the artwork. We must take into account the time of drying, storage ... We then establish a range of about 5 to 10 years. Txt: Teacher's file / The golden age of Lorrain furniture

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